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Equiventia makes its strategy, finance and marketing experience available to Italian and foreign companies that intend to expand their activities internationally or that need to optimize their sales organizations, seizing new business opportunities and improving their its offer according to the reference markets.

We are the ideal partner of a company and a start-up because we support the new entrepreneur to define his own project, structuring the organization both from a corporate and managerial point of view, promoting its financing and following it step by step in every operational problem. and commercial, until it is finally launched. All in a short time, establishing a direct, constant and productive relationship with the entrepreneur and, above all, at sustainable and flexible costs.

Equiventia makes use of partnerships with highly valued professionals with whom it manages multi-year collaborations of absolute trust and maintains consolidated relationships with international institutions (governmental, financial, etc.) that allow it to pursue its objectives in the most direct and effective way possible.

  • Company check to identify weaknesses and criticalities.
  • Analysis of potential markets, opportunity evaluation.
  • Development of new production and commercial strategies, analysis of the related risk factors and optimization of existing ones.
  • Preparation of Business Plan, Investor Memorandum and Investment Relations, Business Plans.
  • Supporting the entrepreneur or management for international negotiations with suppliers, customers and partners.
  • Temporary Management for commercial, marketing and management functions.
  • Corporate reorganization from an international perspective.
  • Financial and banking distressing: situation check, negotiation with credit institutions for renegotiation and debt consolidation.
  • Mandates for the sale of the company, search for investment or financing partners, search for partners.
  • Activation of production or commercial joint ventures in Italy and abroad.
  • Start-up support and start-up coordination.
  • International network of representatives and commercial professionals, with centralized management of marketing activities.
  • Commercial representation, creation of sales networks and interfacing with agents and distributors.
  • International trading of commodities (Oil & Gas, Metals, Agro, Minerals).
  • International legal and contractual support for any commercial, partnership or relationship need with third parties.
  • Patent analysis in collaboration with important international Patent Attorneys.
  • Analysis and improvement of the corporate image and communication (Company Profile, Website, Presentations).

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