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The Equiventia initiative is part of an Equity & Venture Capital and was conceived by a team of Italian managers from multinational and international financial companies with years of consolidated experience in business development and business management. Equiventia is a new investment vehicle whose operative strategy is to proceed with targeted investments in start-up or industrial initiatives of any kind, through minority or majority shareholdings, launching them on the international market and supporting them with its management and competence. The sectors of our particular interest are: Digital / IT, Mobility (Smart Cities), Medical and Life Sciences, Renewable Energies, Environmental Sustainability, Advanced Technologies and Materials, however we also operate in non-core sectors such as Food and Fashion. Final goal of Equiventia is to become in a short period of time one of the leading industrial investment operators in technological innovation in Italy, giving its members the possibility to invest in a well diversified portfolio of opportunities with assured development in the medium term.

  • EV Mobility
  • Smart Cities
  • Human Wellness
  • Medical Hardware
  • Research & Development
  • Advanced Materials
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Digital Platforms & Apps
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Fintech
  • Renewable Energies
  • Sustainable Technologies
  1. The Equiventia Management Team is truly specialized in improving business operations.
  2. Because we know that the first problems to be solved in any company are governance and strategy, finance, management control and human resources.
  3. Equiventia has all the know-how and experience to set up and execute structured operations.
  4. Our intervention will last all time necessary to transform a "craft" activity into an organized and structured company.
  5. Equiventia is always in a privileged position to intercept companies that have great untapped technological and market potential.
  6. The growth phase that we manage will be the platform from which the structured and organized company can take a step to further greater dimensions.
  7. Because we are tired of seeing the mistakes of some private equity companies that presume to really understand companies and their entrepreneurs.
  8. Operating in the local area for a very long time we have a reputation to defend and we can’t afford to disappoint investors and businesses.
  9. From the beginning, we clarify what the strengths of the entrepreneur are, what the functions of our operational staff are and what contribution our professionals can achieve.
  10. We intervene in that range of investment values that are not supported either by the banks - problem guarantees - nor by the traditional funds - start-ups being launched.

Equiventia works with the small-medium enterprise as well as start-ups, supporting them financially and above all operationally, based on ten basic paradigms

Equiventia is your ideal partner because we are entrepreneurs like you

Equiventia avails its experience of strategy, finance and marketing to Italian and foreign companies wishing to expand their activities internationally or needing to optimize their sales organizations, seizing new business opportunities and improving their own offer according to the reference markets. Equiventia is the ideal partner of a company and a start-up because it supports the new entrepreneur to define his project, structuring the organization from both a corporate and managerial point of view, promoting its financing and following it step by step in every operational and commercial matter, until its final start. All this in a short period of time, establishing a direct, constant and productive relationship with the entrepreneur and, above all, at sustainable and flexible costs. Equiventia makes use of partnerships with professionals of a great value with whom it maintains years of relationship of absolute trust, giving the possibility of presence in the most important and attractive international markets, all over the world. Equiventia also maintains consolidated relationships with international institutions (governmental, financial, etc.) permitting to pursue its objectives in the most direct and effective way possible.

That's why Equiventia is not the usual Investment Fund or Business Incubator, but something new and very different

If you are a start-up, send us your investment pitch, we will be happy to examine it with the utmost care and in the shortest possible time, providing a clear and definitive answer on its feasibility and possible interest / potential intervention by Equiventia.



If you are a small / medium enterprise already looking for investment partners who believe in your expansion or consolidation project, send us a presentation and a description of the plan you intend to implement and finance.



If you are an investor who is looking for new opportunities and companies to believe in and perhaps even to support with their expertise and experience, contact us. We will be happy to present the corporate and operational structure of Equiventia, our strategies and the companies available, in the hope that you will be part of our investment team.

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